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What are the advantages of your replacement collars?
  • Unlike the older Rhino Lined Collar system, the New Urethane wrapped FAST collars do not degrade if you do accidentally rip or tear them. A simple patch can be installed over the damaged location.
If needed in the future, how quickly could your new collars be replaced?
  • Future replacement of our collar system can be done in 1-2 days.
Do your collars have a warranty?

See our Warranty Page on this website.

How many years have you been in business?

We have been making quality replacement boat collars for 9 years.

Why would I want a urethane collars ?
  • Urethane collars are much easier to clean and urethane collars have a higher UV stability.
How strong are these boat collars?
  • The Urethane fabric has a bi-axial cross woven core provided incredible strength from puncture and will stop a tear or rip from continuing.
How do your boat collars compare to Rhino lined ones?
  • Rhino lined collars require hard bolting blocks down the middle of the collar. This can cause damage to other boats; urethane collars are smooth with no center bolting attachment.
When should I expect you to get back to me?

We try to reply to customer requests during the same day during business hours of operation.